Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Richmond Development Another 'Olympic Village?'

The City of Richmond, one of my all-time favorite places for watching pea-brained politicians and their ego-centric managers fall all over their Velcro-tied loafers, has done it again.

Turns out one of their biggest projects ever may have to be scrapped.

The Sun Tech City project was one of those Gordon Campbell-inspired P3's - public private partnership. Give a developer a ton of goodies and watch him build you a Skytrain station, a small park, a couple of kiddy swings and a fountain. That's the general fantasy.

'Course, life doesn't always play into your hand.

Take that HUGE economic recession/depression. diporama now.

Read the whole gruesome story here, and then contemplate just what level of scepticism you should hold in reserve the next time you hear some gasbag going on about P3's.

These public-private partnerships might even work on occasion if the rubes who are in public office and who have never run so much as a Bingo game weren't creaming their jeans with the excitement of playing with the Big Boys.

The suits in the towers must be bending over in hysterics every time the phone rings from one of these municipal offices with yet another grand scheme to build a highway or a subway line or a bunch of hospitals.

And, by the way, you'll never guess who gets left holding various bags of debt...

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Light Rail Guy said...

Ha, ha, ha - the wheels are falling off the RAV wagon. TransLink and the Libs were hoping that this development would provide a mass of Ridership for RAV, especially airport workers.

It ain't so.

The RAV/Canada Line lobby (including Richmond council)were so desperate for ridership figures that they gave away the shop to any and all developers. the trouble is, there was no guarantee that anyone moving into this 'instant slum' was going to take RAV anyway.

Malcolm Brodie and his inept lot are now holding the bag with this mess, but never fear, the public love voting for idiots as they can't get honest work elsewhere.

The saddest part of the RAV story is just at the front door of the new speed skating complex. Still discernible are the remains of a former railway line, that would have made it so so easy to have a tram servicing this Olympic important site, if LRT were to have been allowed to compete for RAV. Ken Dobel and Jane Bird put the knife to LRT and the rest is history.

The closest RAV station to the skating rink is over 1 km. away - a lovely walk in the rain, even lovelier in the snow!

The utter and complete stupidity and corruption associated with the RAV/Canada Line is now just surfacing.

I hope the whole rotten carcass and odor becomes overwhelming prior to the next provincial election.