Wednesday, January 28, 2009


As yet another debt rating agency puts Vancouver into the dark negative column following the Olympic Village mess, I find myself wondering why two or three of the greatest culprits have been mysteriously shmeer-free.

Sam Sullivan.

Gordon Campbell.

Larry Campbell.

I didn't ask for the Olympics. I didn't go to Prague to wave the flag. I didn't blithely sign documents that would indebt the city for years to come on shaky land deals.

Did these three, for example, get some mystical-political get-out-of-jail-free card on this colossal blunder?

Of course, the current Mayor Robertson must work hand in glove with the Province and he not likely to slander or attack the Premier.

He is also a reasonably gracious man and, while he didn't shy away from scrapping with Ladner during the election, he is also unlikely to take unnecessary potshots at Sammy or Larry.

Leave that to me.

I'm just a citizen and a payer of taxes at every turn, who would ask that those responsible for truly bad decisions stand up and be counted.


David Berner said...

A comment sent from Bill Negus in Vancouver:

Comments: Finally somebody has started to nibble at the edges of the Olympics/Millenium boondoggle!

I have just a couple of simple questions.

1 Do we have a recall capability in B.C? This would deal with the inept, naive and totally incompetent councilors.

2 Do we have a facility by which we could bring high profile culprits before a panel to be questioned in great detail about their part in this scandalous affair?

3 Do we have any way in which they and the companies they have stuck us with can be made to pay (dollars, that is) some of the costs with which we are now stuck?

4 Do you know anybody who would be willing to start this process? What about you, for example.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

Now more than ever, we need to have Vanoc open the books and show us all their deals and tendered contracts and Sam should finally reveal the people on his donors list...answers to both might be telling...

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have a pathetic excuse for a recall process. Thanks to Campbell, however, it is virtually impossible to achieve the result. That's why Delta is still hung over with Val Roddick - that and the fact that enough lickspittles voted her back in. Thank goodness, she's seen the writing on the wall and will not be running in May. The person who IS running is Independent Vicki Huntington - a very popular former councillor. She was courted by the NDP but declined on the basis of philosophical differences. She was invited to a meeting at Val Roddick's home one rainy evening; she listened to his spiel and declined to climb on that party bandwagon. Reason? "I spent six years on council opposing Liberal actions in this community; why would I turn around now and support them? I do not want to represent Victoria to Delta; I want to represent Delta in Victoria, and I can do that better as an independent."
WAY TO GO, VICKI! Too bad we cannot clone you.