Friday, January 30, 2009


A little dust-up at a New Brunswick public school has taken on absurd and national proportions.

Parents complained that their children shouldn't have to take part in the daily singing of the national anthem, which, for the record, is called "O Canada."

The principal of the school, who had any number of responses available, including telling these busy-bodies to go piss up a rope, acquiesced and cancelled the ritual.

Now "the debate" rages.

But I don't even understand the very beginning of this tale.

Why would you complain about your kid singing "O Canada" every morning?

Wassa problem?

We all sang this song every morning at the beginning of class for umpteen silly years and here's the result as far as I can tell.

None of us that I know of has become either a rabid nationalist hiding sin upon sin behind patriotism or a lackadaisical lout without love of and pride in our country.

So your brat will stand on his little feet and sing the song. So effing what?

The parents in Springfield, N.B. were having a melodrama-void day? No extra-marital affairs to begin or conclude? No trips to Aruba to book? No reconfigured curling teams to launch?


A. G. Tsakumis said...

"God keep our land..."

Get it now, Sir David? It's the anti-God Squad. Yet another secularist left-wing pinhead, wrapping themselves in Trudeau's flawed Charter.


Anonymous said...

It isn't the "anti-God squad" at all. It is a really, really disturbed parent with a 'my child or the highway'. They harass teachers, administrators, and elected board members and appointees and they just love it when a 'surrender' occurs along with national media attention. Watching that principal on TV it surprised me that he was able to stand upright as he is missing a spine.

Anonymous said...

Whoops! I have to take back my comment about the parents. It wasn't them at all. It is the miserable principal of the school. A quick drop in at Ezra Levant's blog on this really strange man's bio is worth the visit for clarification. Anon 1:24