Friday, February 20, 2009


The budget for security for the Games has been a secret.

Now, the federal government has announced that the figure is five times what it was originally declared to be. The number quoted is $900 Million.

Of course, none of that is to be believed.

When all is done and if the accounts are ever shown, the final tab will be well in excess of One Billion Dollars.

Whatever the numbers, this is clearly the largest amount of money ever spent in Canadian history on a peacetime security measure of any kind.

Now there is a photo on page 3 of today's Globe that I cannot find on the net to reproduce for you.

It shows elated and cheering Musqueam Chief Ernie Campbell (Don't get m started!), Gregor Robertson and Gordon Campbell are going mad-happy on the ice at the new Olympic curling rink near Q.E. Park.

My first reaction to the picture was I wanted to throw up.

Now that I marry that picture to the news that the tab for security will be in excess of a Billion Tax Dollars...well, now I really want to throw up.

Party on, Sheep.

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