Monday, February 9, 2009


Renters at Risk.

Boy, they really sound like enemies of the Public Good, don't they?

Well, according to Gordon Campbell's Bill 42, which limits spending on political advertising in the days leading up to an election, that''s what this terrifying West End group is.

If they register on time and if they spend more than they are allowed to promoting their frightening cause, they will be fined 10 times the amount over the limit that they spend.

Mr. Campbell with his Taxation Without Representation decisions like the All New All Expensive Port Mann Bridge and the Dig a Tunnel, Destroy Local Business Cambie Line and now this little piece of skulduggery has shown us that his knowledge and understanding of the basic tenets of democracy are somewhat limited.

Perhaps, yes, here's an idea.

When square heads are elected, perhaps they might be required to attend Democracy School, where they are required to study and pass exams (which the BCTF can protest), just to make sure they have some of the simple concepts under their rapidly increasing belts.

Then, just before the sitting of the House, rare as that may be, they could take a little refresher course.


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Anonymous said...

Gordon Campbell is a despot; a corrupt little worm that will do as he wishes. That the media treats him with TLC is unfathomable and begs the question" "what does he have on the media?"