Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Whether you are an NDP supporter or not, the online petition called "End the Secrecy on Olympic Spending" is worth a look.

You can not only add your name to a long list, but add your thoughts.

Today's headlines include more revelations about the true costs of security for the Games.

And here's a suggestion for all the powers that be.

You know all those military and para-military folk who are going to be circling about in their hornets and hawks and other WMD?

Maybe they could arrive early and stick around afterwards to do something about the Little Chicago in the Twenties that we've got going here.

A helicopter visit or two might just keep our IGA's safe for grocery shoppers.


Anonymous said...

Dave. You know what. This is called the Quebec Syndrome. The name is the product of the 78' summer Olympic Games. Simply, the real cost of preparation exceeds more than expected cost. For more than twenty years, Quebec taxpayers had been living under shadows of huge debts. Now is our turn. I would only expect countries like China willing to go into debt to finance such an extravagant event. Now add Gorden Campell's liberal government. I would at least expect that the power of the citizenry could make the government behave sanely and spend cautiously. However, it proved to be a ridiculous thought. We are all responsible for this scandal. All of us. Too much attention on booze and personal issues. Care about politics

Not Your Wife said...

I love that concept of using the visiting ground forces against our local hoods. Nice way to supplement the local constabulary.

I do want to remind everyone that Al Capone was not brought down because of the muder and mayhem he caused. Rather, the Feds, in all their delicious wisdom, (and possibly equally frustrated as our own cops in bringing perps to justice, given potential witnesses reluctance to participate in the system), ended up going after him on tax evasion charges.

That's how they roll in the US. If they want you, they will find a way--bring it on here, sez I.