Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Last week it was the Untied Arab Emirates, that bastion of progress and democracy, banning Shahar Peer, an Israeli female tennis player from their tournament. None of the wealthy beyond anyone's possible imagination players boycotted. It's amazing what a little oil money can do.

Arab country, good. They got gold.
Israel bad. They defend their country from rockets.

This week it's Sweden and Israel playing Davis Cup in secret. The matches will be played not in Stockholm but in sunny, downtown Malmo without fans or observers. Now that should be a lot of fun.

The reason given - security. The Organizers, the bravest among the brave, fear anti-Israeli demonstrations.

Between Federer's disgraceful meltdown Down Under and this pathetic spineless behaviour of the part of the administrators of the sport, I may have to switch to curling.

Or are there seal hunt loonies or great white bear lovers screwing that up too?

The photo is of Ms. Peer, demonstrating at the US OPen, her famous world-controlling, bank-owning, media-dominating evil backhand.

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