Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I have along with many others admired Feeders' tennis skills
But there is something rotten in the state of Federer
We saw two lessor players battle through a marathon that left us all
tired and worn
but when the last shot was called they walked to the net shook hands
and went to their chairs
neither fell down, neither cried, neither jumped up and down shouting

I have at times suspected Federer of giving games to an opponent before
closing the set or match
He never seems to break a sweat, and does not want to .............

Underneath the skilled tidy blue and white perfection I think there may
lurk a monster.

We don't see this but I think he likes the "control" of himself, the
game, and the opponent.

He found that he could not control Nadal. The ultimate retriever!
Awesome ! Truly awesome.
then he could not control the game ........
and finally he could not control himself.
I think his tears were tears of shame. He did not play his best because
trying hard is not cool
and he was surrounded by champions.
Players who gave their all and did not cry when they were defeated

All Nadal had to do was give Federer a breakpoint
Federer would stop playing. He doesn't want to appear to be working at
the game.
It is "cool" to let Nadal miss a shot

The fatal flaw in Federers' character

If I knew him better I might not like him

On the other hand maybe I am all wrong ............



I think your analysis is spot on, Maurice.

His stubborn refusal to adjust to Nadal's shoulder-high spinning forehand to his backhand corner is now the stuff of legends.

As is his reluctance to go for his great inside out forehands until he is down 3 games or 2 sets.

He will either get it into his thick head that Nadal is an entirely different kettle of fish or he will perish behind his rigidity.

As for Rafa - what an admirable stalwart young man!

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