Thursday, February 19, 2009


Mayor Gregor Robertson is rightly putting himself in front of a growing crowd demanding that we wise up in this neck of the woods and implement a regional police force.

Clifford Olson was caught one month after a retired RCMP officer went public and decried the lack of cooperation between local forces.

The Vancouver Mayor - for whom I did not vote and who is to date proving to be one of the best we've had in a long time (look at the excellent results he's managed with his homeless initiative) - is pressuring anyone he can, including other Metro mayors and the Preem, to cut the crap and get in line with the obvious.

A Metro Police Force is a necessity now and foot-dragging from any of the invested neanderthals will be seen for what it is - territorial childishness at public expense.


Anonymous said...

David, you are spot on!

We hear from regional police critics, and the provincial government, that there are mechanisms in place, such as IHIT, to allow for cooperation among the hodgepodge of civic forces and RCMP detachments around Metro. And that it works great.

How many arrests have been made of alleged gangland murderers in the last 2 years?

Effective cooperation my ass.

And guess what? Neither Delta Police nor Vancouver Police are even part of the so-called Regional IHIT. IHIT is RCMP-driven, and the RCMP are not urban policemen. Metro is the only place they conduct (or try to conduct) urban policing operations. Nowhere else, anywhere.

(Metro + Abbotsford)

David in North Burnaby BC said...

"the RCMP are not urban policemen. Metro is the only place they conduct (or try to conduct) urban policing operations."

That's for sure. Some years ago, I asked an RCMP member of my acquaintance why the force continues to have one member per car working here as there's no way one member can patrol and drive at the same time in an urban setting.
"We've always done it that way," came the puzzled reply. He had no idea what I thought might be wrong with the arrangement, after all that's how the RCMP have always done it.