Friday, February 13, 2009


Everyone in Canada from your neighbourhood green grocer to your chief of police decries the failure of our courts to provide public protection from lunatics and bad guys.

This, of course, stems from the central (Canada) belief that there are no bad guys - only the severely misunderstood. Even the worst amongst us, the fuzzy-headed thinking goes, can rise from their slightly naughty behaviour to become...well, why not Senators?

Here today is the classic textbook case for how our criminal injustice system is entirely out of synch with the real world.

Omar Bulphred has done a few things lately.

Here's what he's done.

He firebombed a Jewish Community Centre in Montreal. He's not very good at what he does. No one -baruch hashem (God be praised) - was hurt.

He had plans to firebomb the Montreal Stock Exchange.

He had plans to randomly kidnap and perhaps cut the throat of a gay man - any gay man - "like a chicken."

He had plans to bomb a nuclear plant and a military base.

He threw one of his fizzling useless bombs at a Jewish Boys School.


Got the picture?

Now, here's his punishment, consequences, reward.

Quebec Court Judge Louise Boudreau - a genius among geniuses - gave Omar a sentence of seven years. for time served, leaving The Mad Incompetent Bomber a remaining sentence of 40 months.

For the chronically slow, that's a little over 3 years and a couple of spring blossoms.

Soon, Omar, the Universal Hater, will be back on St. Catherine's Street looking for more copies of "Bombing for Dummies."

Is it dreadfully unfair to ask why this #$%^&*@ hasn't been confined to a tiny metal box for life?


Anonymous said...

This is the type of creature you find when you roll over a rock and let the light shine on it. No matter how civil and nice you treat it it still bites you.

Anonymous said...

what's worse,
is that this sumbag will recieve counsel,rehab and welfare, which includes medical and vocational training...
meanwhile, the world will sit back and watch innocent people be alienated and manufactured into consolation prizes!

David in North Burnaby BC said...

The wondrous specimens of humanity booked in the shooting up of a Burquitlam neighborhood the other day were back out before the paperwork was even dry.
The system just doesn't get it.
>:< as hell

Pelalusa said...

But don't ya know, Mr. B., that Lil' Omar is THE victim here. He's just misunderstood.

Incidentally, you know that doctor and his fiancee who were killed underneath the Granville Street Bridge? He was the cousin of one of my best friends. Watch for the 18 year old's lawyer to recite chapter & verse what's written on the Age Old Victim Card when his client comes up for trial ... undoubtedly a few years from now I bet. :-(