Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Last week, Premier Everything staged another tent show to declare war on gang violence.

Of course, he promised one thing or another including more police and more prosecutors.

Not many were overwhelmed.

In yesterday's budget, on the other hand, where the rubber actually meets the road, prosecution and court services are being cut.

Politicians really are amazing creatures, aren't they?

On Friday they can yell, "RED!" from the rooftops...and on Monday, they can claim they really meant "BLUE" all along.

And they do this not only with a straight face, but with a claim of honor at the same time.

And why not?

The sheep are busy watching the Canucks and volunteering for the Games.

The dissemblers are re-elected time and again.

By the way...

On the weekend, I met a man who is in the furniture business.

For many years, he had a good shop going around Eighth and Cambie.

When the tunnelling began, he moved.

Now his store is around Eighth and Granville.

It cost him only $300,000 of his own money in lost income and moving expenses to escape the Canada Line's Big Bore machinery.



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Gary said...

I was eating dinner last night David, and heard on the News that Wally Ofal is flying to Ottawa next week to correct our Injustice System, and put the Gangsters in their place. I laughed so hard, that I dropped my handful of mashed potatoes.