Sunday, February 15, 2009


When John Les was Solicitor-general of the Province of B.C., he threatened small-town Island business owners to be quiet or not do work with the government.

So says a story in this morning's province newspaper.

The article includes transcripts of Les' email to the operators of local liquor outlets.

We have become so placid and inured to injurious behaviour from people in high places that this strike at the heart of democratic government is not even front page material.

In what gulag exactly did Mr. Les think he was living at the time?

Recently I suggested that all men and women elected to office should be given mandatory seminars on democratic principles. Just as a refresher, of course.

Under such tutelege, Les and other of his ILK (Gee, I didn't know it was ILK season already!) would find Lesson Four: Have a Sense of Humor and Remember that Criticism is an Essential Part of a Healthy Society. Do we Have Public Beheadings? No. Therefore, You will Get Dissent From Time to Time. LIVE WITH IT, YOU SISSIE!


Anonymous said...

Is it more or Les or Les or more? Just asking. How is it that these folks in high places feel entitled to lord it over the common folk? This present bunch in Victoria act even worse than petty dictators because they are giving public assets away to foreign 'friends'. What other country would force its public electric utility to buy expensive electricity from private sources and then sell it at a loss? More for Les I guess. (Oh this same deal was pulled in California a few years back.)

NRF said...

Readers here may want to communicate directly with Mr. Les to reinforce David's wise advice. He really shouldn't miss it.

The e-mail address of our fine public servant is:

Anonymous said...

Same message was delivered to all the merchants along Cambie who operate small businesses along the never-ending Canada Line Big Dig - "by speaking out, you are doing more harm than the surprise 50 foot deep canyon that your business is being ploughed into...."

It must have been the way their windows were dressed, that lead to the assault of their life's work....

Anonymous said...

A crook, more or Les.