Saturday, February 7, 2009


There have been six murders in Metro Vancouver this week.

Let's see now.

We have a Solicitor-General. We have an Attorney-General. We have a Mayor and Council. We have the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP, the Coordinated Unit of Something and the Integrated Task Force of Something Else.

We have social workers, outreach workers, community developers, family counsellors, group therapists and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners, many of whom are Irish and Ukrainian.

We have school counsellors and Grief Counsellors, but no Good Grief! specialists.

We have drug court and we have native court.

We have parole and probation and healing circles and victim assistance and victim compensation.

My favorite recurring phrase in the reports of all this violence is "known to the police," as in, "We knew this scuzzbag dopehead criminal piece of dirt was doing all this dreadful stuff, but we just didn't really have the evidence or the case to bust his sorry ass before he started spraying auto-fire all over a shopping mall at noon."

What we don't have is the collective will to say, "No."

That just wouldn't be nice.


Anonymous said...

With 5 independent municipal police forces and several separate detachments of the RCMP, plus a new transit police force, is it any wonder that criminal gangs operate with impunity throughout Metro Vancouver?

Until this hodgepodge collection of independent fiefdoms comes together in the name of public safety, I'm afraid the situation will only get worse.

The only thing holding police amalgamation back is local mayors.

Anonymous said...

David we are the most tolerant people on the planet. I suppose that the tolerance must end. We must become intolerant of criminal behavior. Rehabilitation is a nice idea and in some cases may work but we think we can change all criminal into saints. So in order not to just complain maybe consider the following. Trust me this will not be politicaly correct.

Build bigger jails to deal with what we can not get rid of.

Stop allowing unfettered immigration.

Deport any immigrant that is a gang member that commits a crime.

Think long and hard about deporting the entire family of immigrant criminals

reinstate the death penalty

Hold judges and parole boards accountable. OR eliminate parole as an option

Anonymous said...

I have come to sad conclusion that the reason we have almost nightly "hits" in the region, is that the government is being controlled by the mobsters and drug dealers. Their inaction is indicative of a far ranging problem.

The drive to build casinos had nothing to do with tourism and everything to do with laundering money.

How much drug or 'dirty' money is donated to political causes? Does the government know? Do they care?

Until Campbell and Co. and the feds come down hard on these felons, I must conclude that they are part of the problem.

Chris M said...

When I hear about a mill that is owned (or is it owned) by a convicted money launderer (that wasn't fully investigated before he bought the mill) I truly wonder who is running the show in this province.
It doesn't seem to be honest (or should I say competent) people.
Dishonesty seems to have encroached in all areas of our lives.

Not Your Wife said...

The underground (and untaxed) economy in this province is HUGE!! It is drug money, drug money that goes to local thugs and internaltional terrorist groups. It is your friendly jeweller, car dealer, stockbroker, real estate agent who help these vipers launder their dough. That our streets are no kiling fields to jerks whse only fealty is to themselves or their gang seems to be of little interest when their is money to be made by our local businesses.

Let's start at the beginning. make no mistake about it---It is the "recreational' drug users in this province who get tee-hee their way through life who are supporting this drug trade getting people killed. It's not just the guys in the DTES, kids. It's lawyers and doctors and teachers and school kids. And we don't even keep it local. Why, we spoiled North Americans with our paucity of morals, our self-absorption are actually responsible for urder and mayhem all over the world, in our quest to get high. Do you know, in the Amazon, that drug lords kill farmers for their land so that they can grow coca plants that will become a line or two for some asshole stock-broker in West Van? You all have the blood of the Mohan boy and Ed The Plumber on your roach clips.

And it is also thee and me, for hoping someone else will clean up the mess. Get off your asses, take your fingers out of your ears, get mad, dammit! Call the cops, call your MLA or MP, your mayor and councillors, the AG and the premier and the Leader of the Opposition. Rat out that odd house down the block---you know, the one wit the blinmds closed all the time and the traffic coming through at odd hours...

Call and call again. Don't be polite. Yell, curse and swear. Don't take it anymore, dammit!

The life you save could be your own.

Anonymous said...

Folks, in her excellent book on the Air India disaster, Kim Bolan writes about the politicians who turn up at various events (usually ethnic) and are given cash in envelopes. So, yes, it appears a whole lot of persons are on various payrolls.
The gangsters are now playing psychological warfare. Cops don't know how to deal with this. Parole board officers actually receive 2 weeks of psychological training when they are hired. It's no wonder they are hopeless.
Do as John McComb at CKNW is urging everyone: write the Premier, the AG, The Solicitor General, then, Harper in Ottawa, then Senator Kenny who knows all about the HA operating at our Ports. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Years ago, when I was at school and just left, there was a family connected to the drug trade. Cocaine was their specialty.

They didn't spend money lavishly on big houses or expensive cars, rather on low key investments, mostly on small business properties or failing restaurants which when operated by them became successful (strange though when the restaurant was sold, it invariably failed, bankrupting the new owner.

Strangely, those who competed against them in the area, died - an OD here, a drowning there, etc.

As the 70's grew into the 80's, their business flourished as the sons and daughters ran successful business operations in restaurants and in real estate.

By the 90's the small business operations became very large an successful ventures and the family became well connected to politicians, with large cash donations to their favorites campaigns.

Those who spoke negatively about the humble beginnings and drug connection are beaten up or worse!

Today in 2010, the family is one of the richest in BC, with business dealings in all sectors and has much political clout, but it is all built on drug dealing and murder, which everyone has tuned a blind eye to.

This is why the drug trade flourishes; this is why grow-ops are all but ignored; this is why we have casinos; this is why we have murder on the streets; this is why we have safe injection sites and needle exchanges; this is why our youth is being corrupted by the elites - the public love of money and power over rides all, including the law!

Not Your Wife said...

Sorry for all the typos and grammatical errors in my previous posting. I was too angry as I was writing it...

Steve said...

Not Your Wife:

Don't sweat typos and grammar. You are dead on. Send this message to everyone you can find an email address for, the premier, the mayor, the prime minister, the health minister, everybody. They need to hear this side of it. They usually only hear the whining self-entitled protesters who make a profession of complaining.

Pelalusa said...

I hope I cause no offence (to David) by posting this . . . one of the most telling interviews of late occurred on Friday on CKNW between David's old colleague, Jon McComb, and Wally Oppal. I wrote about it here.

At the moment, the audio I link to is unavailable but I just learned that it's not because of the Oppal interview. Hopefully it'll be replaced soon.