Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Together

The FEDERAL Liberals are holding their Group Grope at one of the big Downtown hotels this week.

You will read and hear much about Iggy Pop and his book(s).

What you won't learn is the cheesy other side of what these songfests are really like. And what they cost.

A friend, who has never belonged to a political party before, decided to join the Liberals recently. Her tale of trying to find the office, then finding it and finding almost nothing but a few packing boxes and some kid straight out of college who knew absolutely nothing about anything is hysterically funny.

She did pay the $20 bucks to get her membership, but she didn't get even so much as a receipt.

When she said she wanted to attend the Convention, she was sent to one local outpost after another in search of a gang with whom she might appropriately bond.

Turns out, she was "a senior."

Ah, age.

Finally, after a couple months of dizzying run-around, she was triumphantly welcomed into the great Liberal fold and invited to attend the famous Piss-Up.

Well, "invited" is perhaps a debatable word in this context.

Her "fee" for showing up and caring enough to register, I can't remember (ah, age), but something like $900.

She passed.

Still has her party card though.

She'll read about Iggy's book(s), just like you and me.

And they wonder why they can't elect anyone outside of Toronto.

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David in North Burnaby BC said...

None of this is, sadly, relevant at all. There is but one natural governing partie du canerduh; upper and lower canerduh have decided the Harpo Interregnum has gone on long enuff; they like the quasi-immigrant media darling Count Iggy and he will duly be anointed Emperor come autumn.
The Universe is unfolding as Peter Mansbridge thinks it should.