Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Susan Boyle Wows 'Em


Here it is.

Now viewed by almost 3 million people on YouTube.

Not a dry eye among us.

Watch the cynicism and the cruel laughter dissolve on the first note and change in an instant to cheers.


This is a rare delight.


Anonymous said...

I watched and listened to her a couple of days ago and yes indeed, it did bring tears to my eyes.

You go Susan!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this -- also brought tears to my eyes. Let's hear it for the underdogs in the world.

This is from the documentary "Playing for Change: Peace Through Music" -- a real feel good clip.



A. G. Tsakumis said...

There are a few times in one's life where one can state, "I will never forget that".

This is one of them.

You could palpably feel, as you watched, a lifetime dream realized in the span of two minutes and a triumph of the human spirit like few others.

A beautiful moment.

Hail to Susan Boyle! Blythe spirit!