Wednesday, April 15, 2009

That Old Time Religion

A couple want to elope.

Their loving parents don't approve.

The family "turns the couple in."

Turns them in to what?

To the villagers, who promptly have the young pair executed by firing squad.

Such is Afghanistan.

Such is the enlightenment of fundamentalism world-wide.

Savages armed with Good Books.

Canadian Trooper Karine Blais, age 21, was killed in Afghanistan on Monday. Her uncle says she died in vain. We concur.

Canadians are getting killed in a convoluted effort do what?

Save the country of poppy lords and family firing squads.


Give us a better war in which to risk young Canadian lives.

Get out of Afghanistan.


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Anonymous said...

If I was the PM, I would phone the Afghan PM and give him 24 hours notice of departure.

This has turned into a farce, but our PM is an American puppy and will send Canadian soldiers to their death, so he can feel important.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more David.


mike macdonald said...


Norman Farrell said...

Canadians should not die trying to impose western culture on Afghans. Conflict has been waged in the region by ancient armies and modern forces. Violence is endemic and people of the region have little or no history of democracy and personal freedoms. Hamid Karzai doesn't lead the population, he governs a network of corruption. The soldiers of our country are loyal and brave but their lives are misspent by Stephen Harper and his colleagues.

Yet, I can't help but think about European genocides of the twentieth century. Don't we regret being spectators in those horrid events?

Anonymous said...

What is happening with the Tallaban is not culture but perverted fundamentalist religion.

Do we want our soldier's dying for 10th century religious beliefs?


Time to come home!

blaffergassted said...


Karine Blais was fighting to make the world a better place. She was not defending 10th Century religious beliefs!

There is good news coming out of Afghanistan, but you have to THINK ABOUT IT.

Afghan soldiers and police are being trained to PROTECT WOMEN! That's progress, people!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of progress, how's that pipeline coming along?

Anonymous said...

David anyone that believes that we will make a difference in Afghanistan should grab their battle fatigues and head for Surrey. I was in a line up of truckers about 10 years ago the day that the USS Cole was bombed killing Americans. As the news was heard over the radio an impromptu celebration erupted. These so called Canadians must have celebrated again the day the twin towers fell. Every time one of our ( and I use the word our but I dont really mean it) soldiers die in combat to try to make life better for these third worlders I cringe. Did they die for this group of terrorists living right here in Canada? Im afraid that our politicians put soldiers in harms way for no good reason. There is a large portion of the worlds population that hates western civilization. The sooner we come to grips with this reality the sooner we can quit wasting Canadian lives in foreign wastelands. We can wake up and start to clean up the mess we have created at home. If anyone thinks that 9/11 wont happen again think about the lack of security at our ocean ports. Think of how many dirty bombs the Soviets lost. Think of how easy it still is to cross our borders.

This young woman died to defend Canada? God rest her soul as their are more than a few " Canadians" that celebrate the loss of another Canadian soldier. Makes me sick every time I read about another wasted life in Afghanistan.

Not Your Afghani Wife said...

So, are we supposed to leave the women of Afghanistan to the same fate as the women of Darfur and Rwanda?

I could give a Shiite about a bunch of goat-herding (or another verb of your your choivce) zealots.

But I do care about the women there. And I have since we went to battle (not peacekeeping---sorry, the rest of the world no long plays by the UN's Marquis of Queensbury rules. Ask Romeo D'Allaire about that) against the Taliban. Feudal is too good a word for them. Let's try troglodytes---they even have the clubs---as well as a lot of Soviet captured and American supplied hardware.

Put me down as not being so keen on: legislated marital rape, women not getting an education and young male children being brought to the Afghani cops, the very people charged to protest them, for "man day Thursdays".

Read Romeo D'Allaires book again if you have so soon forgotten what genocidal---or "gender"cidal wars are all about.

If Karzai wants to play games, out he goes. As there is no ability for women to rise up against this oppression without support form outside, what is to happen? Do you think our troops don't boil at what they see happening there?

Do we really wnat to leave the women of Afghan to face this kind of fate?

Not push our concept of democracy on them!?!?!?

Only smug lunatics living in and enjoying the fruits of democracy could make such an absurd statement!

Anonymous said...

My husband was in the Belgium Congo during the early 1960's.....
United Nations Peace Keeper!
He was horrified when a highway was built to the capital(politician) and all the relief goods were sent there.
Never to be seen again.
Nothing has changed.
Politicians world wide rake in the money and the citizens struggle to survive.

Anonymous said...

Making the world a better place is a tough job.

Get over it, and get on with it.