Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There is much to amuse in this morning's coverage of the resignation of Top Cop, John van Dongen. If only it were in the least amusing.

The nine speeding offences in five years, the man's announcements about crackdowns on speeding, the four contested tickets, the three contests he for which he failed to appear in court, and so on.

Donkey says he always tries to separate his personal life from his work.


Thinking error.

Can't be done in your arena, Johnny.

But here is the real news.

Brace yourself. It is unlikely that you will read or hear this anywhere else, because this was sent to me by a friend, who just happens to be a policeman.

I found some more information on Van Dongen's driving record that you might find interesting.... If you look him up at the "Court Services Online" website you will find his speeding tickets, but there is also an open file of him that is reported as this: "10-Jan-2008 MVA - 127(1)(a)(iii) Failing to yield to vehicle on green light". It looks to me like he ran a red light in Delta and might have even caused an accident. His next appearance in court is listed as "Richmond Provincial Court 30-Jun-2009 09:30 AM". If you want to see this for yourself, the website for Court Services Online is located at https://eservice.ag.gov.bc.ca/cso/esearch/criminal/partySearch.do You can just enter his name to find the records, or you can use this file number I got from the site - 28738815 (you also need to select the court location which is Richmond).

So, while the Good Burro claims that he has now "learned his lesson," turns out he still hasn't told us the full story.

He still hasn't admitted to running a red light.

This by the way is the exact same action that killed RCMP officer Jimmy Ng.

And this man is going to run for public office again?


Anonymous said...

There appear to be 2 john van dongens.

One born in 1949 - john cornelius
One born in 1933 - john (this is the one with the accident)

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the gangsters think they can shoot people on public streets, in broad daylight? The rule of law has disappeared in BC!

Campbell, "Two Fish Dongen" and the rest of the Liberal Confidence Tricksters have raped BC of its wealth and by ignoring the law of the land. Political friends can do what they wish; the RCMP can murder people and lie about it, so why can't drug dealers do the same?

Van Dongen has shown that laws mean nothing and you can draw a straight line from Van Dongen to the Bacon Bros.!

Dave C. said...


Looks like your next career will be investigative journalism, or is that your current job? Very interesting information that you come up with on a daily basis. Can't keep up with you. You certainly make the Sun look toothless.

Have to admit that John van Dongen's reticence to admit to serious bad deeds came as a disappointment to me. My opinion of him had been generally positive since he replaced Les. But is it any wonder that the lack of a public outcry about Campbell's own driving infraction in Hawaii would have encouraged a "hang tough while this blows over" attitude? Maybe even encouraged by the boss himself, given his pronouncements on the matter?

What's more troubling is the public's tolerance for this cavalier disregard for public safety on the part of elected officials and others. What an example for our youth and all new drivers. Maybe ICBC should require all adult driving offenders to paste a large red "DD" on the front and rear of their vehicles to warn the rest of us that there's a "Dangerous Driver" behind the wheel. As for the politicians, let's at least not vote for any who flout the law as if it was part of their benefits package.

Dave C.

John said...

Very doubtful there are two John Van Dongens from Abbotsford who are under the gun for driving violations. More likely a clerical error in the DOB entry.

This fellow is probably the most agressive driver you will ever encounter on the road.

Just another socred nutbar.

Kelvin said...

Nothing on the record for the 5th entry suggests that the Delta infractor is from Abbotsford.