Friday, April 24, 2009

Knock, Knock

Wondering what VANOC's Integrated Security Unit have been doing with the millions they will spend in the coming months?


They are visiting old men who kvetch about The Games.

Peter Scott is 73, he lives in Surrey and he often sends clippings from the newspapers to public figure with his comments scribbled on the side.

We like to call that, FREE SPEECH.

But that Orwellian Big Brother known as VANOC has other ideas.

Read the entire frightening anti-democratic story here.

Excuse me...there's someone pounding at the front door...


Anonymous said...

David, VANOC will be coming for you soon - already the men in black are at my door ..............

Free speach in BC, in the land of Campbell and Asper? Nope, Nada

Gazetteer said...

Went to Pt. Roberts last weekend....

Wife and two kids in the car with me....I handed over the passports to the Customs man...he scanned each one turn...when he got to the last one, mine, he frowned and scanned it we were all waiting the extra 45 interminable secods or so, I thought of things I had written and most definitely felt a twinge....


Anonymous said...

True story, two years ago, I crossed into Point Roberts for gas at 6 am (I live only 1 km. away) and forgot my passport, though I did have my drivers license, BC medical card, Visa, etc.

The boys at the boarder made me stop, strip searched my car, held me incommunicado for 1 hour and threatened me with a 'chopper ride'( at my expense) to Bellingham because my name matched a fugitive from New York.

I have never been in New York.

Not only was I threatened, I was scared ****less. Without any explanation I was returned, with my car in shambles, only to face the Canadian version of the Gestapo and another hour of nastiness. I have not been back since.

Those in power are much too powerful.