Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Let Gordon Campbell, the thrice-elected Premier of the Province of British Columbia, stand up in public and say in some recognizable language, "I have nothing to hide."

Let him borrow for the moment the immortal words of Richard Milhouse Nixon and tell us in an open field, "I am not a crook."

The revelation this morning that Mr. Campbell's cabinet has erased 4 years of e-mails will make both of these declarations hard to swallow.

The news is part of the on-going melodrama known as the Basi-Virk Trial. It all has something mysterious to do with selling a publicly-owned railway.

Turns out the law says that electronic files must be kept for seven years.

Will Campbell and his friends and colleagues be charged with a criminal offense?

Or does this just fall into the "business as usual" barrel?

Why would these honorable ladies and gentlemen risk breaking the law by erasing history?


Why was the real state of the provincial budget kept from the voters before the last election? Turns out there were more unfortunates on welfare than we had been led to believe. Turns out the actual numbers were suppressed by well-meaning bureaucrats, bless their hearts.

s if all of this isn't frightening enough, we now have to contend with Kevin Falcon being the new Minister of Health.

No man on earth is as beloved of Campbell's obsession with private-public partnerships than Mr. Falcon, who can now be predicted to do everything in his considerable power to fashion utter havoc with the health care system.

You are the folks who elected this government - just barely.

May we all survive the next four years of mangled truths and strangled services relatively unscarred.


John said...

"You are the folks who elected this government"

Not me David. I held my nose and voted against the liberals.

I didn't vote "for" a candidate or a party. I mean I actually cast my vote against the lie-berals.

I am so sad that there is no good candidate or party to vote for in BC; that my only option is to try to vote down the party that stinks the most.

I feel like I am living in a third world country.

Anonymous said...

Lets recall the campbell/coleman administration...


Chris M said...

Mark it on your calendar.
September 28th. The International Right to Know Day!
What country do I live in?
Our local media is barely covering this.
The Globe and Mail has better coverage.
How can 4 years of e-mails be erased.
Every techie I know says there is almost always a way to get things back.
I guess B.C. stands for Big Cover-up.

glenlivet said...

Hey David; I was kinda hoping for your Wimbledon thoughts. I`m watching Serena right now pull off an amazing comeback in the semis.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad thing to contemplate but as corrupt as the libs may be the only real opposition is the NDP. As long as James is the leader of that rudderless ship Gordo can drown puppies on the 6 pm news and still get elected. TOSS James and get an NDP leader with guts to tell BC that this province was built by a strong labor movement and the NDP will rebuild the unions of this province with stronger than ever labor laws.

The Valley Voice said...

Campbell should be impeached. Lack of confidence. He should have done the right thing and stepped aside when he was busted for DUI. If this was the United States, the Campbell's, De Yong's and John Les' would be long gone.

They lost the e-mail records. Why don't they lose tax records? That would never happen would it?

My experience with companies is that all data is backed-up daily plus in an age of infinite storage capabilities, it's hard to believe this lamer government of cheesy fat cats in ivory towers is so disorganized that they lost e-mails which is the equivalent of a 3-year old kicking off their shoes as mom wheels them in a stroller at the mall. Are these guys ever out of touch with reality. BC's voters are polarized and will be until the old Socred die hard fans are dead and gone. Campbell needs to go before BC is forever ruined.