Friday, July 17, 2009


The Globe & Mail has already forgiven and pardoned the Premier.

In an editorial this morning, they sidestep the thorny issue of culpability, perhaps criminality, certainly obstruction of justice, by calling the wilful destruction of emails "ineptitude."


For the rest of us, let us remind ourselves what this is all about.

This government sold BC Rail to CN for $1 Billion in 2003.

In the Basi-Virk trial, which has been going on ever since, questions are being raised about corruption, privileged information, payoffs and the like.

First we learned that hosts of emails from the office of the Premier and cabinet members had been "lost" or deleted.

Now, we are told that these missing pieces of evidence in a criminal trial may have been deleted as recently as this May.

The Premier remains closed-mouthed about the entire affair. Quoting the departed Opaque One, he tells us that this all before the courts.


The stench is unbearable.

Defence lawyers are quite right to ask the BC Supreme Court to demand that the government produce these email records.

And the opposition NDP are quite right to call for a special investigation.

The stench is unbearable.

Doesn't anybody in this province care about democracy and the law?


Anonymous said...

" about democracy and the law?" Nobody that is in a position of authority it seems. And definitely not the premier.

Dave C. said...


In response to your question/plea about the seeming lack of a public outcry about the goings-on in Victoria, I wonder if many are experiencing the same feeling of resignation that has gradually overcome come me since retiring here five years ago. In my working days we called it "learned helplessness", a euphemism for despair or depression.

Which is how I have experienced and reacted to the political scene here which increasingly looks like a theatre of the absurd. I think too many of us are intimidated by the aggressiveness and insensitivity of the provincial government and desperately need a courageous and trustworthy champion to take on the current establishment.

Newspapers used to be counted on to keep governments honest until an alternative emerged, but the media here seem to be reluctant to challenge many government decisions and misdeeds.

However, I reluctantly have to concede that the current government has demonstrated more skill in using the media to their advantage. The most recent example, in my opinion, was the Sun interview with Kevin Falcon. Look no further for the heir apparent. He is being groomed by the falconer.

David, yours is a voice that is sorely needed. I hope you can continue your dialogue with those of us who share (most of ?) your values. Have a good summer.

David Berner said...

Dear Dave C.,

Thanks very much for your kind thoughts. I will try to continue the Blog as often as something in public life drives me crazy...which is usually quite often,,,



Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be great if the one of our local papers had the balls to hire you on. But we all know that in their eyes premier shambell can do no wrong. I have a feeling we will be seeing more posts from you in the coming weeks. There is just too much silliness for you to stay away! :)

BC Mary said...

Whenever the desperately broke CanWesters continue to debase themselves bootlicking and backstabbing in the service of Gordo's Gang, I too have wondered why bolts of lightning haven't rained upon them.

How does their white-haired poster-boy keep winning elections, I ask myself.

Well, Miro Cernitag probably explained that in a Sun editorial about the government's Public Affairs Bureau which hums along 24/7 with 223 staff and a yearly budget of $41million.

Gordo's propaganda ministry is bigger by far than any newsroom in the entire country. A spotted dog could be elected premier with that behind him.

As you say, the stench is unbearable.