Thursday, July 30, 2009


Here, in full, is the Globe piece of the latest triumph of Susan Heyes.

"Transit authorities have been ordered to cough up $600,000 now to merchant Susan Heyes, who was awarded that amount in damages for business losses caused by construction of the Canada Line outside her store on Cambie Street. The authorities had asked the B.C. Court of Appeal to stay payment of the award, pending their appeal of the B.C. Supreme Court judgment in Ms. Heyes's favour.

But Mr. Justice Edward Chiasson ruled yesterday that it would be unjust to deprive Ms. Heyes of the money while the appeal winds on. After the decision, the small-business owner, who has waged a tireless campaign for compensation, broke down in tears. "Tears of relief," she explained afterward."

How many other ways and times will this corrupt gang try to steal from this courageous woman?


Gary L. said...

Those were my thoughts as well David when this horrendous event came to my attention. Where were the adults in this child's life? 2:30 AM on Public Transit ALONE? In Gangcouver? I would suggest that there are other horrors in this young person's life to date...............
While we are on the Subject of adults, what sort of adults influenced the Perp's life, making him believe that it is okay to commit the crime against humanity that he did? It firms up my belief that in some cases abortions should be retoactive.


Anonymous said...

David Im not sure about the other fellows comment. But hooray for this woman. You get sick and tired of the " you cant fight city hall" mentality. If more people would stand up for their rights these governments would not be so quick to trample on them.

Anonymous said...

Susan is a heroine, bravely fighting off the jackals at TransLink. Let us hope that the learned Judges at the Court of Appeals double her award!

Question: Who determines that a projects is "for the public good?"

If RAV costs are now topping $3 billion, putting TransLink into a precarious financial footing, is RAV good? Or, if the projected ridership of 100,000 a day fails to materialize, is the project good?

Just asking.

Evil Eye