Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Don't Even Read It

Sometimes the question is the wrong question.

Sometimes the statement is oxymoronic, or just plain dumb.

Take this headline...please.

"Quebec's landmark heroin study in jeopardy

$600,000 funding cut would endanger research into whether it's more effective to give recovering addicts heroin than methadone"

This is a perfect example of an article in the daily news that I don't even read. Reality show contestants murdering their model girlfriends falls into this category as well. Not to mention how many drugs Michael Jackson's doctor may have given him the night, etc...

Let's look at this headline a little more closely.

"Landmark study"

Oh? By whose standards. It will prove what? And what useful action will follow?

Landmark, indeed.

'whether it's more effective to give recovering addicts heroin than methadone"


How about whether it is more effective to shoot people with bullets or hack them to little bits with machetes? Now there's a study worthy of a government grant.

"Recovering addicts?"

If they are being given heroin or methadone, what exactly is it that they are recovering from?

And how are they "recovering?"

They are being maintained on their insidious soul-destroying community-ravishing habits by a ghoulish and mistaken government.


Why do papers publish this nonsense unquestioned?

Is it not the role of the Fifth Estate to ask questions? I mean, real questions?

Asking if it is better to give Poison #1 or Poison # 2 to an already poisoned person is not really a healthy line of enquiry.


Anonymous said...

David: You know what I see this free heroin and methadone, and safe injection site, as being like?

Say you have a woman whose husband beats the living daylights out of her on a regular basis, smashing up her face, breaking her ribs, blackening her eyes, leaving her bloody and in danger of dying if she sticks with him. The equivalent to a free injection site in this case would be for government to open a site that is a replica of a living room, but they've been considerate and caring enough to put padding on all the furniture and big mattresses on the floor...so the woman has a place to go with her husband, where he can beat her senseless as usual but but but...the pain would be lessened because when she fell over, it would be softer!! Of course, nurses would be stationed there too. That way, if the guy beat her unconscious, they are close by and could minister to her wounds. It's exactly the same!!! The heroin is the big, tall, heavyweight abusive husband. Methadone is merely the shorter, lighter-weight husband that just pops her one in the face occasionally instead of daily. It must be stopped!!!!

Mike Macdonald said...

David: You know what I see this free heroin and methadone, and safe injection site, as being like?

To me, and Im no expert, they all send the wrong message. They send a message of its ok to do these things...and even if your allowing this in the name of trying to help, I think the message must be considered.

"Whats that dad?" - "Its a place people go to do drugs son" - "Like a bar dad?" - "Yes son, its ok to go there and do drugs just like a bar is for a beer" - "How old do I have to be dad?" - "Oh any age son..."

Wow...think about that message.

Jeff Taylor said...

For years and years now I've wondered to myself why doctors have said that methadone is a cure for addiction ( heroin ). Isn't methadone a drug ? A drug that you can't walk into a store and buy over the counter ? A drug that "drug addicts" often sell on the street for money ? A drug that well, is addictive - much like heroin ! A drug that junkies often break into drug stores to steal.
What is wrong with our society these days ? Isn't this "BS" obvious to our leaders and the masses ?
Maybe, just maybe these junkies are the smart ones that have pulled something big over on us who are supposed to be the smart ones ?
How much more stupid will everyone become before we get it ?

Anonymous said...

I wish that all the people who read, appreciate, and comment on David's posts could get together at a long table in an Italian restaurant, order great food, and have rousing conversations about how to fix what's broken in the world. God, I think we could accomplish something. David?

Anonymous said...

While I agree that total abstinence may be the "most healthy response to addiction", I think 200 years of pharmaceutical history proves that it's just not realistic.