Monday, August 17, 2009


Do you not yearn and crave for a political party or one political leader for whom you could, with full enthusiasm and endorsement, vote?

I do.

(Oops. The last time I said those two words, 20 years of my life went by.)

I need a party or a leader the thought of whom does not make me hurl.

That immediately eliminates the Federal and Provincial Liberals, The Torch Premier and Iggy Pop.

That discounts Stephen Harping.

So I return to my voting roots - the NDP.


I know.

Look at this exciting and productive national convention just held in Halifax.

Nothing new put forward, nothing challenging accepted, no Big Public Policy announcements.

With the national media attending in full force and the opportunity to make a minor splash ... nada.

Listen to this milquetoast: "I think the conversation certainly got started."

That's Jack Layton, and that's the problem.

All the political instincts of a rabbit.

Shiny white teeth and a moustache. Then what?

Do these folks not want to win or govern or exert some influence?

Yesterday, I mentioned that Adrian Dix might be a better leader for the NDP provincially than Carole James. No doubt there are many people who might be a better leader than Carole James. She is not terrible. Se doesn't make awful toe-stubbing mistakes. And she is up against a huge Liberal machine. But she just doesn't grab us, does she?

Does Jack grab us?

I don't think so.

Does the National party have a real war plan? Doubt.

Does it have a future?

Not until it finds new blood, a new leader and some core selling points built on core values.

I'm ready to get excited. Just let me know when it's all starting.


Keith said...

Recently on the North Shore, the three Mayors spoke in favour of tolling the Lion's Gate and the Iron Workers bridges to help pay for Translink's looming $450M budget.
Ralph Sultan, MLA for West Vancouver, soon put cold water on the idea when he brought to attention both bridges are not owned by Translink or Metro Vancouver, but by the Province which has no intention of tolling.
Sultan is the sort of guy I would like to see running the Province, especially with the BC Conservative Party.
I would like to see many Liberal MLA's switch to the BC Conservatives before the next election, and Gordo will be a bad memory.

Anonymous said...

Jack is a yesterdays man, leading a yesteryears political party.

Evil eye

Anonymous said...

My third attempt.
Layton/James 2 very good reasons to vote conservative/liberal.

The NDP must return to its core support. Organized Labor. Forget the middle of the road. Stay to the left. WAY left.

Tax breaks for unionized employers and workers.
More employees equals bigger breaks
No tolls Free ferries

Anonymous said...

Adrian Dix, please. He is so obviously leadership material--provincial or federal--that it makes my very soul ache. Locally, Carole James looks like she needs a prod just to get words out. I die a thousand slow, agonizing deaths every time I watch her. Jack Layton is old news. When I look at him, I feel like I'm looking backwards. Yo, Adrian!

Anonymous said...

Adrian Dix is tenacious and an unrelenting adversary,we truly need a leader like him ,in any party B.C.can thank their stars for a person like that so let's put him to work !