Thursday, August 6, 2009


“I've turned over files to the RCMP and nothing happens,” laments Al Rosen, the forensic accountant. “We just don't have people who are trained in what to look for. We have bad securities acts. We have bad sentencing guidelines. We've had some bad court decisions. We're 80 years behind the U.S. If you're a crook, this is the best place to be.”
The above is taken from Margaret Wente's column in this morning's Globe & Mail.

I don't much care what happens to Garth Dabrinsky.

He's a crook and a miserable s.o.b. who made a substantial career yelling at people and trying to tell us he was God's great gift to show business.

A couple of good shows do not make you a saint, boobelah.

What I do continue to care about is the wammy-shammy we call criminal justice here in Canada.

May the appeals fall on their faces and may Garth & Myron spend some real time in jail, which is where people who steal money aught to go for a while.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes David, the best place on earth, where even the most petty of crook can be elected Premier!

Evil Eye

Norman Farrell said...

According to Ottawa Law Professor Amir Attaran, Canada maintains the loosest corruption laws of any developed country.

Bribery of foreign public officials is only criminal if the transaction occurs entirely in this country. Canadian executives can pass out cash stuffed envelopes around the world but they enjoy exemption from prosecution here. None of the other 29 OECD countries has this loophole and, despite mighty complaints from abroad, Canada cravenly refuses to close it.