Sunday, August 16, 2009


On my continuing theme of The Olympic Premier who Cares Not a Fig for You or His Basic Responsibilities...

Community groups left in dark over funding

Thousands of cash-strapped organizations growing anxious as province freezes lottery money


Anonymous said...

David, I find this appalling, that Campbell is screwing children's sports. What is even more telling is that no one in the Liberal back bench has the 'balls' to confront him.

Are they that weak? Are they that morally bereft?

My god, the Liberal backbench are a bunch of sniveling, self-serving nobodies. Evil nasty little things and I'm glad you are shining the light on Gordo and his lickspittles, as the CanWest media empire, Bill Boring, Palmer and Baldry seem to live in a different universe.

I cry for our future!

Evil Eye

Jeff Taylor said...

It's very easy to read between the cuts. Tons and tons of money is going to be needed to pay for the Olympic bills that will start rushing in beginning in the Spring of 2010, if not sooner. You can bet that meeting after meeting are being held to talk about ways to extract money from the middle class in B.C. to pay for the "Whistler" party of 2010. It's not that I have a whole lot against sports or even the Olympics, BUT I do have a lot against a Gov't that's willing to make kids and seniors suffer to pay the bills of a three week party. As for talk radio in Vancouver these days, why does it seem that all they talk about every second or third day is topics like Facebook ? I also get a kick out of the "softball" (speaking of sports) questions that the morning host asks his various guests. Of course this is the same guy that lives 7 minutes walk from the "tower" on West Georgia, but drives to work on the same mornings he's interviewing guests on global warming ! At least take a cab dummy (they are already on the road being driven any ways !). It's no wonder there's no accountability in this Province anymore.
Cheers David,
Jeff Taylor