Saturday, September 26, 2009


Rick Mercer was some time ago anointed by the CBC.

The CBC does that.

Every so often they anoint some man or woman with their high stamp of approval. That person is subsequently given 101 chances to shine, 102 excusable failures, a permanent position in the Towers and a life pension.

Mansbridge, George Stanopopopopopopopulousishness.

Sometimes, as in the case of a guy I went to school with in Winnipeg, the blessed recipient is sent to Harvard Business School by the Corporation. Much of this is not made public.

Now, we are being encouraged to believe that Rick Mercer is the funniest person is Canada.

Mr. Mercer floats in zero gravity capsules and tries soccer and hockey and other past times.

Who is he supposed to be? Harold Lloyd? Buster Keaton?

He is not even remotely funny.

You know who's funny?

My son is funny.

I am funny.

Why haven't we been anointed by the CBC and been given what amounts to a Free Pass in life?

I know.

We have to suffer so we can grow.

Alright, already.

We've grown. We're elephantine.

Where's our Pass?

When's the coronation?

Will Rick Mercer be there with a cream pie?


Anonymous said...

I agree, David. I'm sure Mr. Mercer is a lovely man, but that shouldn't be the basis for his getting paid big bucks to, essentially, have fun in public. Now, don't get me started on Ron James, who is even less funny than Rick Mercer. Making funny faces and doing funny walks might amuse a toddler...until an empty cardboard box is introduced. It's not funny to the rest of us. Who are these people?

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree with you David. I really like Rick Mercer. A lot of what the CBC produces I don't get, such as Little Mosque on the Prairie and Royal Canadian Air Farce (are these shows still on?), but I do like Rick.


Gary L. said...

Well, I was beginning to fear that it was only me that does not find Mr. Mercer funny. I don't find Ron James funny either. I find the contrived humour of both these gentlemen contrived and extremely predictable.
On the other hand I find Louis Black a comedic genius!
And on the OTHER hand, I ........ er, um ...only have 2 hands, so I will sign off now.


Anonymous said...

George Stromboulopoulos gets paid,
300 grand/yr.,(tax payers $) to incite,
"if you woke up with a sore ass this morning, it's because the BC softwood lumber deal went through"!

Because, no one in CAnada will go up against old dirty boys and girls network!
But,'everyone', will except monies to help a 'cause', they know nothing about!
Because the truth is sealed by the corrupt courts that keeps criminals,hate mongers,crooked politians & police and other
oportunist, IN POWER!
Call it infected morality...
Call it the true north strong and not so free...Canada.

BC Mary said...

You wanna know what's unfunny? guys you could watch until hell freezes over without even cracking a smile?

Jack Benny ... Red Skelton ... Bob Hope ... George Burns ...

merciful heaven, what vexatious process created "stars" out of such pitiful talents?

Plus: I never knew George Strombo was SUPPOSED to be funny ... I thought he introduced and interviewed interesting people.

BC Mary said...

PS. Forgot to say: I really like Rick Mercer too ... top marks for INTELLIGENT fun ...

Like the campaign to get Stockwell Day to change his name to Doris?

Like "Talking to Americans" ...

David Berner said...

Let me see if I understaand this, Mary?

George Burns and Jack benny are not funny? But Rick Mercer is?

Oh, my. There is simply no explaining taste.

Burns and Benny were comic geniuses.

If you didn't get their humour, you're missing a funny bone, Kid.