Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Canadian courts are continuing to do their level best at protecting the rights of criminals and terrorists.

Mohamed Harkat lives in Ottawa. He has been an al-Qaeda terrorism suspect since 2002, and, as such, under heavy surveillance by CSIS and other police forces.

Colin Freeze, writing in the Globe, calls this "extremely onerous house-arrest conditions."

I have a news flash for Mr. Freeze.

What is extremely onerous is that terrorism suspects are living next door to us, that what's onerous.

Now another wise judge has spoken, This one has decided that Harkat's years in custody and under surveillance have reduced the threat Harkat may once have posed to national security.


Clearly the good judge was not a fan of the Monkey's, who could have easily taught him that "I'm a believer," holds true for lovers and fanatics of many a stripe.


Jeff Taylor said...

Welcome to Canada, where judges make rulings that other countries must look at as a complete joke. We as Canadians never seems to be able to get our collective acts together and demand that our Gov't provide our judges with laws that actually have 'punishment' as part of the content. Having said that, how do these judges sleep at night or look in the mirror each morning ? Don't they themselves realize that the rulings they bring down are complete BS ? Do they ever think to themselves that maybe they should say something to the morons in power (and the equally dumb opposition parties) at the various black-tie events where they often rub shoulders ? I realize these judges make HUGE amounts of money and they are only human, BUT geez, don't they give sentencing issues a thought when they cash those pay cheques ?

dmc said...

This man has more rights then I, more privacy and opportunities and will retire,(probably somewhere else),with a hundered million $ compensation package from this governement.
...wonder how Maer Arar is doing latel,
& Bill Sampson.