Monday, September 28, 2009



Dave C. said...


Your videos stirred up a lot of emotions and thoughts. Your comments about loneliness hit the existential nail on the head. Sadly, what you learned about the power of caring involvement seems to be missing today - replaced by a quick fix mentality.

It was encouraging to hear that efforts are being made elsewhere in the province to create the caring environments that you describe. It would be good to hear more about these.


Anonymous said...

I finally got to watch/listen to both videos. It was plain to see how emotional you were at being invited to speak - It must have brought back memories.Well done David and thank you for your insight - for helping and caring. I would be interested in knowing the history of the name - X-Kalay. And....that art hanging on the walls.....lovely.

There used to be a (perhaps there were two - it was many years ago) very large, very old house on River Avenue - not far from Osborne Street. Same thing.....people helping people and then some - based on the 12 steps. I wonder if it is still there.....

Thank you David and I hope you are enjoying your time away.


Anonymous said...

Hi David, I enjoyed your talk on X-Kalay.
It took me a while to watch as I use a public computer at the library.
What a great speaker you are, certainly better than Tony Blair.
Regards Keith