Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The Salvation Army wants to protect some women from harm.

They will open a 10-bed facility for some prostitutes who would urgently like to leave the so-called business.

Sound reasonable? Sound laudatory?

Not if you are the Pivot Legal Society.

Pivot wants to legalize prostitution and therefore sees any gesture towards "helping" hookers as a statement that the sex trade is bad and that just isn't nice, is it? Pivot argues that the Sally Ann demonizes prostitution. The Pivot plan is to legalize all aspects of hooking which they believe will make life safe for what they insist on calling "sex workers."


I spent 10 years working with drug addicted prostitutes.

I never met one who liked being a hooker. I never met one who believed in having a safe life as a hooker.

Every woman I met wanted to end the cycle and get out of "the life."

Many did.

The Sally Ann should be congratulated and thanked for this initiative.

Pivot is the poster child for woolen-headed wishful non-thinking.

When someone wants to provide 10 beds of shelter for the preyed upon, they should shut up.


Anonymous said...

Kudos to the Sally Ann, there are one of the few organizations that are a worthy cause, like the Union Gospel Mission. Both help the poor, the addicted, the forgotten.

Despite the hundreds of millions poured into inept bureaucratic causes, the Sally Ann stands heads and shoulders above them all.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

There are claims that at least half of the prostitution windows and coffee shops in Amsterdam are controlled by organized crime. In fact I read that that between 50 and 90 per cent of all the prostitutes working in Amsterdam's inner-city were found to be working there against their will - coerced and forced by international criminal gangs. Legalizing something does not stop the criminal element from getting involved. The Red Light District in Amsterdam is a depressing and seedy area and the 'women in the windows' do not look particularly happy to be there.


Pelalusa said...

The Pivot Legal Society is THE most despicable organization in Vancouver next to organized criminals.

It was them who made it extremely difficult for the authorities to forcibly take street people into safety during extreme cold periods. One of these people, a woman, burned herself to death trying to stay warm.

The Pivot Legal Society accepted no blame for her death. The Law of Unintended Consequences has a corollary: Accept responsibility when your actions inadvertently cause negative repercussions.

Anonymous said...

Good for the Sally Ann. How is it moralizing to want to protect people?

Leah said...

One has to wonder about the real objectives of the Pivot Society...or at least I do. Have they actually taken the time to find out how women are faring in the countries that have already legalized prostitution? Are they as protected as they were supposed to be? Is it as crime free as it was supposed to be? No.

If it's not criminal gangs trying for greater control, then it's government trying to cut a woman's EI benefits because she refused to work as a prostitute when her regular job came to an end! (Yes, that did happen for real - in Germany) Can you imagine what would happen to women in BC if prostitution were legalized? Especially with the current government and their fiscal ability?! How about Canada with the current government?

Pivot needs to get their head out of their collective a$$e$ - and find something worthwhile to do with their time. Like polish hubcaps in parking garages.

gloria kieler said...

Where did this information appear regading PIVOT's position appear? Newspapers, court, etc ?'s

Pivot is taking a moral position. It is one of their own idea of what is good and bad, and they are demonizing the Sally Ann. For decdes the Sally Ann has been the only group providing detox and recovery. How sad that they would be attacked for trying to rescue entrapped women.