Monday, September 14, 2009


Part of the process of individuation is making choices that distinguish us from our parents and families.

The banker can pretty much expect his son to become a rock drummer.

But little Jeffrey Bronfman has taken this notion to comically new heights.

In a story that could easily have been, or might yet become, a Hollywood script, we find JB, a Jew and the son of the largest whiskey sellers in history now running a "religion" in the wilds of New Mexico that is part Christianity, part psychedelic tea and zero consumption of alcohol.


Really, you can't write material like this.

But, if for no other reason than to prove that your jaw is still working this morning (It will drop as you read.), you should try consuming this little fable.


Scotland Yard said...

While JB has stop drinking Seagram's it sounds like he is suffering some kind of serious alcohol poisoning.

Anonymous said...

After reading this article, it occured to me that our very own Prince of Pot, Mark Emery, should become a Rastafarian, then he and all his followers can smoke pot with impunity stating freedom of religion as their raison d'ĂȘtre. On second thought, that probably doesn't fit with his 'philosophy' of legalizing pot. Anyway Mark, it's a thought.

As an aside, I recently returned from a trip to Amsterdam, where drug tourism has become a blight to the locals who only wish to enjoy quietly a toke or two in their local cafe. As a result of these tourists, which we saw in abundance, the Dutch cabinet are expected to introduce legislation aimed at preventing tourists from buying or smoking marijuana.