Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Settle Down, NItwits

If those idiots in federal politics bring down upon our heads a fall election, it will be the fourth in six years.

In a recession.

We need to spend about $500 Million on changing from one ego-centric duffus to another?

I tell you what, Iggy.

How about you and Steve sit down over a Reuben and a cup of chamomile tea and agree to spend that money on something useful like health or education or music or sport or roads.

Harper may or may not be every one's favorite picture of evil these days, but what exactly does Iggy have to offer other than his personal ambition?


He's a nice guy?

He can read?


Jeff Taylor said...

If I had a choice of having one of my arms cut off or voting for Iggy, I'd having both my arms cut off before I'd vote for Iggy or his Liberal party !

Anonymous said...

Iggy left Canada and fawned over Americans for decades. There are 20-year-old kids who've lived in Canada longer than this doofus. I'd rather vote for that inexperienced, uneducated young person who's lived in Canada all his life over this arrogant-seeming twit who prefers America when it suits him.

Imagine if Barack Obama had lived in Canada, teaching at UBC for over 20 years. Would they have elected him American president? Not bloody likely.

Not Your Wife said...

Iggy and his ilk make me ashamed that I supported the Liberal Party for so long. Undeserving, self agrandizing, empty, cynical. Ah, Canadian politics in the new century...