Sunday, September 27, 2009


Anthony Tommasini, an opera buff, has scored a real coup - a lengthy, thoughtful and quiet interview for the NY Times with Barbra Streisand about the mechanics and wellsprings of singing.

All of this is in anticipation of a new CD release. Streisand’s latest album, “Love Is the Answer,” will be released on Tuesday by Columbia.

It is produced by none other than Diana Krall.

Barbra is 67 and she's releasing new albums.

Why not?

Tony Bennett's been sending out great new material into his 80's.

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Anonymous said...

That was very interesting and informative David. Along with her wonderful vocal abilities and many talents, she has the "by ear" ability - goes along with what they used to call "perfect pitch". It's inherited - in the genes. I can play any keyboard-based instrument (very very badly) by ear and when I was a kid and my parents enrolled me in piano lessons the teacher told them "Forget it - her ear is ahead of reading notes on a page." It is a gift and not really explainable - and as stated in the article many great musicians don't read music. A superb talent and the new release sounds great.

Thanks for that.