Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Teen in All of Us

I'm not usually caught up with cars.

I drive a 16 year old Mazda.


The other day a friend joined us for dinner.

He is 21.

He brought over his new Shelby.


500 horsepower.

Open the hood and the engine looks like something NASA would build.

I don't want it. I don't need it.

But having driven in it, I get it. Wow!


Norman Farrell said...

Sort of like erotica. You feel a bit guilty for noticing but your heartbeat can't resist elevating at least a bit.

Anonymous said...

sure beats my yugo.

Gary L. said...

David, I am glad that you had a brief "taste" of my escape from reality. My prescription reads 528 HP, 1967 427/SC Cobra. I believe that your young friend and I frequent the same Pharmacy. Please tell him that he certainly displays good taste!
Tell him this comes from an old guy. Tell him old guys know everything...........


Anonymous said...

David,its never to late for a mid life crisis. Your young friend has bought the car so many dream of. Good for him

Anonymous said...

on the rear glass of a bright red Mazda 323;