Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What They Value

The withdrawal of promised funds from BC Lotto to many, many local arts groups is a double and triple slap up side of the head.

Lotto monies are basically theft. They are a tax on the poor and the stupid and the hopeful. I qualify as I pre-buy a 649 ticket on the Internet perpetually. It costs me $4 a week, or the cost of a double cappuccino with skim milk, please.

More than $150 million is promised annually to symphonies and children's' festivals.

The monies that are now being withheld had already been promised and, in most cases, spent or committed because of that promise. Nice.

The government tells you that yes, you are getting your $47,622.51, so you go ahead and book the hall and have the posters printed, because hey, it's the government and they said so.

Oops! We were just kidding.

No money.

But the deepest cut of all is this.

This scurrilous behaviour speaks to Victoria's values.

In short, (aside from promises are NOT US) it tell us that roads and Olympic Games are important but music and paint and dance are not.

These are just frills, extras that can be indulged when times are good.

This isn't even good archeology, let alone sociology or psychology. It demonstrates a colossal ignorance of the human condition.

We have been painting on the walls and dancing around the fire since time began.

You colorless, soulless, stupid mismanagers.


Anonymous said...

Could it be David that Gordo and his mob of gangsters have already raided the lotto money and the cupboard is bare?

I see great scandals with the Ontario Lottery folks and BC just loves to follow what Ontario does, don't we - nudge, nudge, HST.

I'll wager that the money has been promised to VANOC and 2010 Olympics and Gordo caved in like a cheap deck chair do lavish money on his pet project.

"Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it's set a rolling it must increase.”

Charles Caleb Colton

David, keep shining the light of truth on this evil government and their hateful and spiteful ways, because the mainstream media will not!

Evil eye

Norman Farrell said...

Like countless others, I spent years helping community sports associations present worthwhile programs to young people. We always had members of the RCMP coaching because they knew how important it was to have positive activities for youth. That made their regular jobs easier.

Operation were always an uphill struggle. Facility costs (ice, field, gym etc.) and insurance costs, two of the largest expenses, rose exponentially. Our fees to members escalated accordingly. By the time I finished, a family with two teens playing rep hockey needed to commit about $4,000 a year for association and team fees, equipment and transportation.

One of the programs that allowed for moderation of fees was the gaming grant that might be available. Now, BC Liberals can watch all sorts of community programs move out of reach financially and leave at-risk kids on the sidelines. They will find something else to do. We'll pay for that later.