Monday, September 7, 2009


There is good news and bad news.

Here are some homes available for around $250,000.

They are not in Vancouver.

In Vancouver, $250,000 will get you a quarter time share in a 600 square foot leaky condo on Noisy Nightclub, Murder & Mayhem Boulevard.

The pastel house above is in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

The blue house with four bedrooms is near Indianapolis.

The good news is that the food and the weather are said to be pretty good in New Mexico. And, if you hurry, you can get to see the last few years of Peyton Manning winning games for the Colts.

And the price.

That's the real good news.

The bad news?

These and other amazing bargains can be found in the Excited States where everyone is packing heat and no one wants affordable health care.


Anonymous said...

David,it gets even worse. Not only are the neighbours packing heat they mightyet loose their jobs. If for some reason 25% of the homes in your new hood happen to be empty, who will have to pick up the slack to afford police fire garbage etc. Thats right you will. As the tax base evaporates the people that still have jobs will pay more and more.

Anonymous said...

Who, wants to live in Vancouver BC.,anyway? Those who are in the know, spend mounts of money and paranoia , on security.

RECALL; Sgt.Ward,
"no one will want to come to BC,except for the criminals"....

white collar leading the way!