Friday, October 30, 2009

The Justice File, Part 9,217

The headline is misleading:

Three teens sentenced as adults for killing 14-year-old boy in Surrey

While that may be literally true, the sentences hardly reflected the callous brutality of the crime.

For beating and stabbing to death a 14-year old boy in Surrey in 2008, two teens were given 5 year sentences.

Another, 4 1/2 years.

All three dangerous scum were given two years "credit" for time already served while in custody.

Please understand that there are crooks and there are crooks.

Fully 90% of the people in Canadian prisons are silly goofs who are more of a danger to themselves than to anyone else.

They are good candidates for rehab and half-way houses in communities.

Then there are Clifford Olson and Robert Picton.

These are the handful of truly dangerous lunatic psychopaths who must never be released to anyone anywhere.

Just below them are the slightly larger number of violent, out-of-control murderous s.o.b.'s who kill 'cause it's Wednesday.

Like these three fine upstanding citizens who will now do about two years for murdering a young boy.

Why not 25 years? Why not little chance of parole?

Is the community never to be considered again in a Canadian court room?


Leah said...

Justice in Canada died a whimpering death some time ago David. Now we have Law. And the Law is an Ass.

I can't for the life of me remember who coined that phrase - but it's the best to come down the pike in years.

We'll be seeing them in court again, likely for the same thing. For that, we have the judges to thank.

Anonymous said...

And they were sentenced as adults? Does that mean if any adult killed a 14 year old that they would only get 4-5 years???

Anonymous said...


No? thought not. I guess there is one law for the peons and one law for the elites.

Evil Eye

Jeff Taylor said...

as much as I'm not a big fan of our country's judges, on the whole they pass judgement as the laws made by Ottawa allow them. The Federal Tory's seem to want to tighten / stiffen those laws, but they are fought / blocked almost every step of the way by the federal Liberal Party and their buddies in the Senate.

Gazetteer said...

I think Mr. Berner's pyramid is an important one to consider.

Jeff...if the (no)Tories truly wanted to deal with only that really bad top of the pyramid, I'd be right with them. Thing is, by their words, deeds and actions, I can only conclude that they actually want to make the bottom of the pyramid way bigger to fill it with Mr. B's 'goofs'.

Which begs the question....

Could a party, any party (including even the Dipperian One) actually make hay if they made it clear that they were going to really deal with the folks at the top of the pyramid?

I think they could.



Anonymous said...

David, I believe that the conservative party is our best bet to try to R E F O R M the sad pathetic injustice system.

We must never allow the liberals to regain power. They are the party of the criminals. Many criminals are imigrants. Look at the gangs . The liberals pander to these people. I suppose thar this sounds racist but look at the news. Abbotsford and Surrey have become war zones. Take a drive through these cities and tell me what you see. Were never going to see justice until we stop importing criminals.