Tuesday, October 6, 2009



1. Don Rosenbloom has for so many years now been one of Canada's best and most exemplary lawyers.

Yesterday, acting for Poland in the Braidwood inquiry, Rosenbloom accused the police of “blatant” wrongdoing, suggesting there was no need to taser Mr. Dziekanski, and that the four Mounties involved cooked their accounts of the incident, which has prompted an enduring debate about the police use of stun guns.


Rosenbloom studied and worked with a great role model and mentor, Tom Berger.

2. Last week, two wonderful parents, not related, one a woman, one a man, more or less, were given complete discharges after leaving their children in cars and vans in great summer heat while they, the so-called parents, frolicked.

The man was at a bar having a few drinky-poos.

Our always vigilant and socially conscious judges sent these two lovelies home to further mind their flocks.


3. The Ontario police backed into the biggest drug bust ever. Too bad they don't know their own laws.

Trucker hauling huge cocaine stash free after judge rules search illegal

Says police flagrantly violated man's Charter rights, conceding likely public dissatisfaction at outcome."

The cops caught Avtar Singh Sandhu shlepping about $20 Million worth of coke among the carrots.

Unfortunately, it was all an accident and the cops didn't bother to get a search warrant.

Bye bye case.

4. A Newfoundland priest has been found to be addicted to little boy porn. The only problem is that a number of people knew about and reported Bishop Raymond Lehey to his archdiocese 20 years ago.


* * *

And so goes another captivating day in the Land of Nod, a.k.a, The Canadian Courtroom.

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Norman Farrell said...

Oh,oh. The picture of the bishop apears, at least in my Firefox browser, attached to the paragraph about Don Rosenbloom.

Not good if people confuse the two because one, Rosenbloom, deserves our respect and admiration. I mention the other guy in a recent blog: