Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Has anyone seen Gregor Robertson lately?

Is he at home? In a home? Heading home?

In story after story on Snippity Hall, Councillor Geoff Meggs is the lead man.

Which is fine. Geoff's a grown-up and a reasonable guy.

But where is his His Happiness?

O.K. Wait.

He is in the press today. He's pledging that in 10 years (oh puleeeeze...) Vancouver will be the "Greenest City." No cars. No imported cheese products.

Do the Puppet Masters just let G.R. out for these ceremonial occasions?

I don't recall a less visible mayor.

Which may be a fine thing.

I'm not complaining, just asking.

If you know what Gregor is doing these days or where they have him for safe keeping, let us know, will you?


Anonymous said...

Gregor who?

Who cares, I though Larry Campbell still ran the show from Ottawa.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

I guess the Mayor has learned from Gordie C.
Only show your face for happy,happy news.
Let your henchmen do the other stuff.

Anonymous said...

I follow His Worship on Twitter and he tweeted this morning that he had just landed in London, where he said it was grey. Didn't say what for though!

Anonymous said...

Update: the mayor tweeted he's now in Athens. Gee, guess why?

Anonymous said...

It seems His Worship has taken a page right out of Gordon Campbell's playbook. Stay out of the danger of the Legislature's Question Period and go for the cheesy photo-ops where ever possible. Trouble is Gregor has to wear the s**t Susan Anton and the NPA left for the new council to solve.

Anonymous said...

Well...look at GR's photo...picture white hair and glasses...and you have the younger brother of whom?

For all the good he's doing, he might as well switch party affiliation - he's a Lib in NDP clothing. Wouldn't surprise me to see it by the end of the games either.