Thursday, October 22, 2009


Margart Wente has written a marvelous column today about Harm Seduction and the most dangerous man in B.C., our Provincial health Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall.

No smoking allowed (unless it's crack)

Free crack pipes and a safe place to inhale are seen as enlightened social policies.

It's a good one. Give it a read.

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Anonymous said...

When working at the only bank at Hastings and Columbia for two years the area was suffering the same drug dealing/using. The lobby of the bank was used for dealing. The problem wasn't dealt with then and it isn't being dealt with now. So how does quasi legalizing this problem by setting up crack houses help clean up users? The only solution is isolated treatment. Whoops that means diverting $$$$ from the Olympics and the increasing the deficit. Better to leave the problem as is and accept things never change.