Monday, October 5, 2009


Canadian broadcasters and Canadian satellite companies are having it out on the front pages these days.

CTV, Global & CBC, among others, have bought full page ads everywhere declaring in bold print that LOCAL TV MATTERS

Hahahaha...These are the folks that laugh all the way to the bank offering you CSI MIami, Jeopardy and Judge Judy.

Yes, it's true that the local Global News is the best there is, but, be assured that the bean counters who pay the bills resent every penny spent, when they could be bringing you more Oprah.

What besides the supper hour news do these local philanthropists give you?

Solid documentaries on real local issues? No.

Muscular debates or round tables about local social issues? No.

The CBC has never been clear about its own mandate.

Many of us would be happy to pay for the CBC if it were a real public television network. Can they show us a movie without a hundred badly placed commercials? No.

And CTV and Global simply would not exist without their yearly trick to the pop culture market in L.A., where they buy and program the latest unwatchable goop.

So these dissemblers buy full page ads and point fingers at the greed of the cable operators.

Turn the page, and what do you find?

All the cable companies - with the curious exception of Shaw - are on full page ads of their own, complaining about a tax.

May I say the obvious?

A pox on both your houses.

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