Saturday, October 17, 2009


A religious nut case circumcises himself.

Which of course he botches.

Fair enough. Go mutilate yourself. I should care?

But now, the fool has attempted to circumcise his little boy. Which, of course, he botched terribly.

The B.C. Supreme Court has found this so-called father guilty of negligence.

Moral of the story - Home Circumcision is out.

But there is something much more interesting to me about this story.

And it is this:

The man's lawyer is Doug Christie.

Christie has made himself famous defending neo-Nazis across the nation, claiming in case after case that these scum are defenders of "free speech."

As in the right to tell school children in math classes, for example, that Jews are rats, etc.

Christie has positioned himself as a great defender of free speech.

Of course, he argues in the present case that Mr. Home Handy Nut Job was practicing his religious freedoms.

Maybe someday we will learn what it is exactly that drives Mr. Christie to his peculiar choices.


Anonymous said...

are circumcisions covered by the Medical Services Plan?

David Berner said...

Not when you do them on the kitchen floor with an exacto knife...

Gavin. said...

Cut it out you guys!!!! Seriously, this nut case dad is an example of religion gone wrong and I'm happy he was convicted. I hope the little boy survives this trauma and is able to ...ahem.....outgrow this.

Anonymous said...

very funny.
Apparently circumcisions are not covered by MSP.
For an infant under 2 months, the cost is $445, for adults the cost is about $1000.

Anonymous said...

Oh MY God - the mad Christies are at it again!

They are vague relatives of the Evil Eye and sadly, they should sail off into the sunset, never ti be heard again!

Evil Eye

Leah said...

Perhaps the gentleman should have kept reading his Bible all the way to where it tells him that it's circumcision of the heart that really matters...not penile mutilation.