Saturday, November 14, 2009

Speaking Out

British novelist, Martin Amis, has become a lightening rod in recent months cheering for feminism and jeering against radical Islam.

His interview with Margaret Wente is a tiny gem.

One quick great quote:

" We have also infantilized ourselves with a whole generation of relativism."

Half an hour of driving your car in the city can pretty well confirm that observation.


Anonymous said...

The Citizenship guide and examination for new Canadians has been changed to include what is not acceptable in Canadian society.
It looks like the present government has the same views as Amis.

Anonymous said...

David, thank you. If it werent for your blog I would have never seen this article. To tell you the truth I had never heard of him but his views are dead on. We have allowed the ideals of one big multicultural planet to cloud our minds. A dose of common sense like this article is needed. Its like someone opened the window in a smoke filled room. Smells better now and you can see again.

Anonymous said...

maybe not

Coventrian said...

Amis identifies female circumcision with Islam when it

1. predated Islam
2. is confined to Africa
3. is carried out by Christians and Animists as well as Muslims
4. is unknown in Iraq,Iran, Syria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia where the vast majority of Muslims live.

Most Muslims regard FGM as a crime in Islam - the only exception I could find from a mainstream source allowed cutting only of the clitoral hood.

Amis identifies honour killings with Islam, although Sikhs and Hindus carry them out too.

Amis has proven his poor knowledge of Islam in the past, confusing Sufism with Shi'ism etc. This mixture of ignorance and prejudice is a disgrace for an educated 'liberal'.