Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Comment that Deserves its Own Post

[The PHOTO is of Ephesus, and it comes from my friend, Maurice.]

What is worse is that public libraries are getting HIGHER USE during this recession.

People who have had their wages/hour cut at work (or who have lost their jobs altogether) have less money to spend.

They try to save a few $'s by frequenting the library to borrow books, dvds, and even video games.

They attend the "story times' for their children. They attend book readings and lectures.

Job seekers even utilize the resources at the library to help them in their career change or job search.

This is the time to INCREASE funding to the libraries, not decrease it.

BTW - David, you didn't mention it in this blog posting, but could you have a word about the Conservatory and the Stanley Park Petting Zoo.

I recently took my children to the Conservatory and, as usual, was happy to have an inexpensive, non-commercialized place to bring the kids on a cold day. The kids were pointing out birds, fish, plants and trees. After, as there was a break in the rain, we walked around the quarry gardens. It was a wonderful way to spend a couple of hours (and cost less than $10 for two adult admissions to the Conservatory itself). Not many places that we can go for an enjoyable outing for that kind of money.

Of course, because of the fiasco surrounding the Cambie Line, business dropped off for the Conservatory for a few years there. Now that the Cambie Line is complete, the Conservatory could be getting more people (individuals, families, school groups, seniors group and tourist groups) and more facility rentals, thus getting higher revenues.

As for the Petting Zoo, accessible transit has FINALLY been provided to Stanley Park (the #19 Stanley Park bus was not accessible until a couple of years ago). Families often had trouble getting here (if they didn't drive). Coupled with the Stanley Park Train, the Petting Zoo was another enjoyable outing for families.

I guess the needs of residents (especially families with young kids) just isn't on the radar of this city council

To voice protest, write the city at

I have already written my letter.


Dave C. said...


In addition to the accessibility problem, I'm a bit shocked at the admission price to family entertainment in these parts. I recently took my granddaughter to Telus Science World and included the optional Imax movie on our visit. The tag was nearly $40, which did not include meals.
The exhibition is wonderful and the interactive activities were both instructional and fun. But I had to wonder about the cost, particularly for families with more than one child. I have to assume that the families that were there are pretty affluent. As a retired senior, I know that I would consider a return visit anytime soon to be a luxury.
Which got me wondering why Telus hasn't issued discount cards to its phone customers to enable families to gain admission for a nominal rate? I appreciate that maintaining the exhibition is a costly expense for Telus, but if we want to stimulate scientific curiosity in the next generation perhaps we need to make it accessible to all income levels. Besides, from a marketing perspective that might entice some phone subscribers to use other Telus services.

Anonymous said...

David,it seems that Vancouver is becoming a place where people with a lot of money can really enjoy themselves. Canuck games, olympdick events ,you name it. The current Mayor and council have lost sight of the people that pay the bills for all of their loony toony ideas. Taxpayers. If you pay tax you enable these idiots to pretend to run the greenest city.
Bike lanes, chickens , gardens on city hall property. Will we see any cut bac ks to olympdick events. Its not to late to save a few bucks.

Or should we bite the bullet and close libraries close zoos. Close all amenities that the tax payers use. Tax payers are a stupid bunch that dont know whats good for them.
gregor knows

Jeff Taylor said...

David, if you're connected to developers, politicians, Corporate companies, Howe St. / Bat St. etc, etc, you DON'T need the library to get a job ! You just have to dial a number or two and call in any favors that are owed to you.