Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hail The Taxi!

The news that Tarnsclunk will increase the fare (ever so slightly) on the new Canada Line to YVR can only be a boon for the struggling taxi industry.

Now, if only you could flag a cab down in rush hour...


Anonymous said...

I thought the fare increase wasn't set to happen until after the Olympics?

Is Translink actually coming to their senses and realizing there's money to be made?

Of course, the Canada Line is set to lose $14-21 million dollars a year until at least 2025!

Jeff Taylor said...

Speaking of cabs David, the cabs / taxis in Toronto are absolutely 100 percent a disgrace. The fleet(s) are dirty inside, dirty & dented outside, generally older cars / vans, and multi-coloured (which I feel is so unprofessional). That's one thing that most world class cities don't allow or have and that's multi-coloured vehicles. New York, London, Vancouver all have solid colours and usually yellow, black, blue are used through-out the entire fleet(s). Here is a list of the colours I've seen since I moved here : all white, black, blue, orange, green, brown, two tone beige, orange with black, and orange with brown. Last year the cab companies got a fare increase in Toronto. The deal was, once gas prices levelled off (which in T.O. it did - we have the lowest gas prices of all Canadian cites) the fares would be adjusted down. They still haven't been adjusted. There's a surprise.