Saturday, November 7, 2009


Transclunk is - may I coin a new phrase? - "ungoverned."

It's a financial unholy mess according to the official penny-counter in Victoria.

And BC Ferries, who pay David Hahn a cool million a year, sit on their own board of governance and vote themselves gaspingly generous pay raises.

Read the piece here, and then tell me again about what a good business manager is Gordoon.


Anonymous said...

I had an opportunity to ride the Canada Line for the first time.
I liked the small cozy stations which are only the length of the two car trains. They feel safer than long lonely platforms.
The trains are really frequent, so much so, that I was able to make a return trip from the North Shore to Broadway and Willow on a single ticket. I saved $3.75!

P.S. If you have an appointment with a doctor or some medical tests, go a half hour early.
There is usually someone who does'nt show up for their appointment, and you get seen to right away!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha, Kieth, you old TransLink troll - caught ya.

Those small cozy stations you rave (RAV?) about are the Achilles heel of the system. As built (and the RAV/Canada Line holds the record) the Canada Line has less potential capacity than at-grade/on-street LRT and it cost over $2 billion dollars more to build!

Now that's got to be a real record.

When I go to the doctor, Keith old boy, I'm so sick that I would not even think of using public transit and if I have medical tests done, well I am in no fit state to drive or take transit.

So you like our wee mini-metro that can't handle real capacity, nor can enlarged unless one spends $2 billion more.

Kieth, your wee tome has amply explained TransLink's financial dilemma, we built politically prestigious metro mega-projects and tax the hell out of people to use it and still that isn't enough!

You may have saved $3.75, but in reality it was regional taxpayers who paid the real shot - you screwed them for about $10 to subsidize your trip. I hope the next time you pay the real fare to go to your doc's and see if it is a bargain.

Evil Eye

Anonymous said...

Evil Eye, I along with many taxpayers pay to subsidize Translink, and should at least be able to use the system without paying the full cost which is actually about $6 per rider.
The best way to subsidize transit is with a sales tax.
Boston's "T" receives 1 per cent from the State of Massachusetts 6.5 per cent sales tax, which amounts to about $885 million yearly.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Keith, you forget, TransLink doesn't recognize the $230 million annual subsidy for SkyTrain, so that $6 dollar is not the real cost.

In Nottingham nd Dublin, their LRT lines operate at a profit, paying not only their operating costs, but their annual debt servicing costs.

Until TransLink comes clean with their annual subsidies, etc., I wouldn't believe a word they say.

Oh, by the way, have you noticed that no one builds with SkyTrain in North America.

I Wonder Why?

Evil eye