Monday, November 9, 2009

On the Fly

So I'm catching some cathode tube rays while waiting for the laptop to upboot and...

Two women are interviewing a third woman who is starring in a new movie.

One of the interviewers says with shrieking incredulity, "So, you actually read the book??!!??"

Imagine.Between texting and carrying your latte through traffic, you actually with your very own set of eyeballs read a book!

Why, Girl, you are a wonder!


Gary L. said...

What's a "book"?

Jeff Taylor said...

David, the other day I was on the TTC subway and across from me there was a woman reading a book on her 'Kindle'. Also this past winter I was flying from Vancouver to Toronto and there was a woman reading a book on a 'Kindle'. I'm starting to see a pattern here ! Maybe the book isn't dead just yet, it's just taking another form ?