Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ze Plot Sickens

Richard Colvin sent some of his reports about the torture of prisoners in Afghanistan to Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This is the latest little bombshell in the continuing little melodrama of lies, innuendo, denials and intimidation coming from an inquiry in Ottawa these days.

So many questions to be asked.

Not the least of which is why is the Prime Minister jumping into the fray?

“We also know that a large number of his colleagues did not agree with those opinions,” Mr. Harper told the Commons Tuesday.

Stephen, baby. Shhhh...

We thinks the Preem doth protesteth too much.

The Globe editorial - in a Passover frame of mind - asks four questions. Read them here and ponder the curiosities getting curiouser and curiouser...


Norman Farrell said...

Colvin's a smart bureaucrat. You can bet he's got evidence to back up these statements. The Tory response makes it pretty clear who's lying. I wish we had more brave public servants, willing to risk career for morality.

A. G. Tsakumis said...

I'm sorry, but the "evidence" not only doesn't exist, but if it did, why didn't Mr. Colvin present it? He was asked.

David, with respect, you and Norman are all wet on this one.

Listen to the testimony of hillier and two other responsible parties plus wait for David Mulroney and this is all over.

Wher eis the godamned evidence? The Mop and Pail's questions are ridiculous considering three of four have already been answered at committee and the last is being blocked by the Opposition who do not want Mulroney to testify.


They actually asked for Colvin's contacts to come forward but aren't willing to listen to our top bureaucrat on the ground?

So...we will listen to terrorists, but not our own people...just one bureaucrat over another because it suits the Grits and Dippers...pathetic.

And you want me to feel bad about insurgents being tortured? Not me.

Think about all of this next time someone tells you that acid is being flung at young girls for the crime of attending school or that they are subject to clitoral mutilation so they cannot experience pleasure; that gays are stoned because they love differently from most of the Muslim world and that women's rights are out the window because they aren't covered; or that Israel shoudl be wiped off the face of the map.

With great respect...