Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 More Minutes

Jon Ferry was my editor at the Vancouver Province.

In fact, he was the fellow who so kindly surprised me with an invitation to write columns for the paper.

I enjoyed that assignment immensely and the often vigorous parry-and-thrust with Jon over what was written and what needed to be written.

I was equally disappointed, when a little over a year later, the editor in chief called to tell me that my assignment had ended.

I was one of 500+ folks summarily dismissed across the country as Canwest Global attempted once again to scotch the bleeding.

Ah, well. Such is life...

Thus, imagine my delight yesterday at Jon giving me another three minutes of fame by using one of my blog entries ("Armed & Dangerous - An Entire Country" posted on Monday, November 30/09) as his starting point for a column of his own.

More laws and anti-U.S. bigotry are no answers for gun violence

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Dave C. said...


On this issue I have to say that you are both right. Any way that you look at it, both societies are inviting civil disobedience and anarchy unless they start putting responsibilities before rights.

Dave C.