Thursday, December 17, 2009


Canadians are feeling ashamed to be Canadian.

Apparently, Copenhagen and Afghan detainees are spurring on a recent fit of self-loathing.

Not me.

I am happy to be Canadian.

While this is not the best of all possible worlds, it is pretty darn good in most ways.

A strange absence of mortal shells zinging over head is a good start.

Then there's our universal health care and our glorious physical beauty and warm and friendly neighbourliness - everywhere except Vancouver, of course.

That goes without saying.

Or saying very loudly.

In public.


But this morning there is one thing that made me feel downright queasy about being Canadian.

It's that full-page ad in the morning paper from Roots.

Many, many, many leather goods - bags, wallets, purses, pouches - all adorned with the Canadian flag.

There is something creepy about this kind of cheap and phony patriotism.

How does putting the national flag on a shoulder bag make me or you or the shoulder bag any more attractive or superior or pious?

Can I start selling products stitched with the Maple Leaf on them, or is this an exclusive deal for the Roots people?

From whence comes this special dispensation?

And why?

99% of everything we wear in Canada is made in China.

Does Roots get flags because it is the rare exception?

Are Roots products secretly made you know where?

If you are carrying such a bag, please don't stop and say Hello.

In any event, I live in Vancouver and I don't know how to say Hello back.


Anonymous said...

David, I agree that the flag shouldnt be used as a sales gimick BUT as long as the flag isnt being burned or desicrated Ican live with it. We dont need another set of olymdick type facism.

Anonymous said...

I saw a few of these items in a Roots store recently. It does seem very 'Roots-like' but not very Canadian (although I know that Roots is Canadian) to sport such a bag. Perhaps they are meant for tourists (or Canadians travelling abroad that just have to show the world they are not American). It's not embarassing to wear the flag of another country, a country that you may have an affection for, but as Canadians (and very much unlike Americans) it does seem a bit much to sport your own flag. We love our country (well I believe most of us do) but we like to keep it to ourselves now don't we? That said, we have a couple of lawn chairs that we lug to soccer games that are adorned with the Canadian flag -- I usually put my jacket over the back so that the maple leaf is not too obvious!


Pelalusa said...

Canadian "Environmentalists" in Copenhagen are condemning Canada with the same fervor (and blinded close-mindedness) of Fundamentalist Christian zealots at a rally to drive away Satan.

Let's be crystal clear about something: These same folks are attending speeches by Robert Mugabe and Hugo Chavez, and [at least] cheering on the latter when he speaks of the death of capitalism. It's getting curiouser & curiouser who these holier-than-thou enviro-lefties are breaking bread with.

On a practical & factual level, here's an excellent article on the Cap & Trade System that they're condemning Canadian leaders for not signing up for.