Monday, December 7, 2009

Balance Please

In a nicely balanced editorial, the Globe has captured the frustration that many Canadians feel about the courts hamstringing the police.

It seems an almost daily occurrence that the police will nab some fool with guns and/or drugs and then be told that they had no business even questioning, let alone arresting the crook.

Due process and protection of privacy, yes.

But giving the bad guys a pass on the most spurious and arcane reasoning, no.


Jeff Taylor said...

I absolutely think that Canada's courts / justice system has a number of serious issues. However, so do the police in this country ! Just google the RCMP and YVR.

diverdarren said...

I think you missed the mark David, Everybody has the same frustration when they see criminals go unpunished because of our style of justice system. But its the best there is. Anything else but innocent till proven guilty, all equal under the law, right to a fair trial ect. and you have a police state. In your system would you like the courts to only extend rights to those they see worthy. A slippery slope. Its good that police and the crown have a tough job. Make it too easy for the state and we all pay.

Gerry Verrier said...

diverdarren, I disagree with your reasoning. It would be one thing to wrongfully convict someone based on lies and or deceit on the part of the police or crown attorney but to allow someone who is by all evidence shown to be guilty to simply walk away based on a technical or procedural matter is downright nonsense. We have a system full of lawyers who are looking for fault in the system and getting their clients off the hook based on the minute gaps in the system, not on whether their client is guilty or not.